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RecTrans Discoverer



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Clay Smith
North Franklin, CT 06254
This is a 1972 (10/71) RecTrans Discoverer that is mounted on a Dodge chassis. The story goes... It was owned by a town official who then sold it to a guy who had big dreams of what he would do with it. Unfortunately his life priorities changed. It was sitting for a while before we removed it. We are a auto scrap yard and normally this would be crushed, but we think it\\\'s way too cool and in too good of shape to have that fate. We have done nothing to clean it up. We do not have keys. We have done nothing to inspect it. You are buying it as-is with absolutely no warranties and a bill-of-sale only due to it\\\'s age and lack of previous paperwork. All that said, there is 1 spot below the window behind the right side door that has a circle damage in the fiberglass. Beyond that the body looked to be fine. The interior is dirty and the wood laminate is curling. It has an 8-track mounted under the dash on the passenger side, along with a great-looking radio in the hole. I do not remember seeing any damage on the glass. We have not gone through any of the cabinets or outside storage boxes. I\\\'ve got 1 picture of the frame, which is a good representative of the entire frame (sorry it was cold and we just got another round of snow). I was actually amazed at how clean everything was when I disconnected the driveshaft to tow it in. The tires hold air and did make it down the road. You are responsible for any costs or anything related to removal. That said we are also a full-service towing facility and do have the equipment to tow it, we also have a loading dock and can assist in loading it on a trailer.